About Jake Brown


Platypus Builds is the work of Jake Brown, a designer and craftsman of custom furniture and innovative comic art displays. Originally from Salem, Virginia, Jake had an interest in woodworking from an early age. He worked at a local mill, lumber yard, and did general construction before finding his way to fine furniture.  He is a graduate of the Vermont Woodworking School in Fairfax, Vermont. Through the immersion program, Jake learned advanced joinery techniques, as well as marquetry and inlay.  Jake strives to provide the highest quality of custom furniture using responsible and sustainable materials. 

In 2013, Jake picked up his first comic, "Sandman" by Neil Gaiman. This led to years of combing comic stores, attending comic conventions, and tracking down every appearance of his favorite characters.  Jake realized he could combine his two passions of woodworking and comics by building custom comic art displays and cases. 

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Come check out Platypus Builds at the 2020 Heroes Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina!